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Value Added Services

With key insights and a deep understanding of the general staffing market, iSparrow HR Solution connects clients with the right talents, and talents with the right opportunities. We have an efficient and responsive recruitment and selection processes that provides flexible, tailor-made solutions in temporary placement. We also facilitate and manage the complete transition, transformation and delivery of outsourced processes end-to-end. We offer these activities to our clientele effectively on all levels – be it onsite, offsite or as a combination of both.

We have utilized our vast industry experience in human resource outsourcing to develop resources and specialist expertise to source and retain highly-skilled teams for projects of all sizes in multiple industry verticals with specialized competency in each of the verticals.

Large and Diverse Workforce

  • We cater to diverse human resource outsourcing requirements ranging from feet-on-street, sales and marketing, delivery, to counter sales and much more.
  • We serve multiple industry sectors like Retail, Telecom, FMCG, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education and more.
  • We are the largest technology staff augmentation company in India – about four times larger than the nearest competitor.

Ramp-Up and Ramp-Down

  • Delivering efficient and responsive recruitment approaches that provide flexible, plug-in and out solutions in temporary placement, thereby enabling ramp-up and down as per business need
  • Deploying manpower in a timely fashion on need basis
  • Managing planned cyclic workloads and projects

Flexible/Custom Operations

  • Hosting a robust technology platform that is adaptive for quick change requests and tailor-made solutions
  • Operating an implant-led engagement model for large centralized and custom processes
  • Assessing the performance of prospects before extending employment/contract


    Managing a state-of-the-art web-based analytics dashboard that provides line-of-sight visibility on several critical and operational parameters of our engagement including:

  • Associate management (tenure profile, deployment, attrition, attendance)
  • Payroll and incentive details
  • Compliance and statutory information
  • Automated dashboards

Technology-Led Operations for Seamless Management

  • Managing robust operations processes right from recruitment, offer management, onboarding to induction and joining
  • Rolling out automated payroll systems with zero errors and ensuring transparency in pay structure and pay out
  • Ensuring compliance visibility to the last mile
  • Installing an IVR system for validating the onboarding of employee
  • Ensuring the swift migration and transition processes


In addition to human resource outsourcing, we take up the responsibility and accountability of functional deliverables that enable clients to increase touch points with end users in the market and to achieve Service Level Agreement (SLAs) with reduced management efforts, gain cost, and delivery efficiency.

Some examples of SLA:

  • Associate attendance and Human Resource Management
  • Associate productivity management
  • Associate sales/leads management
  • End-to-end management of a particular business process
  • Training and skill development

Asset Deployment

  • Managing asset light operations in hybrid projects that include manpower and functional tools such as laptops, mobiles/tablets, technology platform, safety equipment, etc.
  • Being manpower ready with functional tools and infrastructure


  • We offer all kinds of recruitment be it Temporary,Permanent,Contractual,Executive Recruitment,Project Hiring etc.We orchestrate an end to end hiring and onboarding process.Along with the recruitment service we also provide consulting service on how to manage and administer recruitment processes.

Training and Development:

  • We offer training and development services that make an employee develop his/her skills that helps him grow in the organization and also work efficiently and maintain work productivity.The training ranges from on-job training to off-job training.

Staffing Solutions:

  • We along with the recruitment and training also provide staffing solutions.We provide the best third party consulting service from hiring the right talent to managing people.

Attendance Maintenance:

  • We also provide attendance and leave management service

Payroll Services:

  • We provide payroll services by complying all statutory obligations.Preparing attendance sheet to make salary slips based on it.

Employee Engagement:

  • Employee engagement includes organizing various events like training workshops,sports events,competitions,team building activities,special day celebrations,awards and recognition programs etc.

HR Audit:

  • HR Audit means thorough and comprehensive review of Hr policy,strategy,structure,compliance etc. HR ai

Grievance Redressal:

  • In every organization at some point of time employees face one or the other concern,issues regarding work or workplace or anyone at the workplace.By having an effective grievance redressal mechanism such events can be addressed quickly and efficiently without causing any productivity issue.We provide you with such mechanism for solving such situations with utmost ease and integrity.

Statutory Compliance:

  • Every organization has to operate within certain legal frameworks while dealing with employees.Therefore organizations should know and also follow the various labour laws,wages act,salary and working conditions thoroughly.iSparrow eases you from this hassle as we look after that all the statutory obligations are well complied with.The compliance service ensures that all the employment and other related acts are complied with.Like Employment act,maternity act 1961,factory act 1958, etc.
  • Productivity Enhancing Solutions:

    • Along with the above services iSparrow also provides innovative and practical solutions that help increase work productivity.Providing consulting services that helps manage human resources in a way that increases overall productivity.